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We are India’s only AI powered Logistic Technology Company. Mile Trips is focused on bringing cost effective, simple and robust solutions for the SME and Micro Enterprises which are a backbone of any economy. We bring to our customer a very unique, integrated and scalable solution for their business needs. Several integrations and applications closely knit together in a very simple user interface enables the customer to effectively monitor and run their business. Our solutions are customizable, cloud-based and device independent which helps the customers to keep track of their operations from anywhere around the world. We help companies Pool their demand for a product or service and helps them achieve a scale of operation which creates a cost arbitrage beneficial for them.



We are a team of Engineers, Business men, Fleet owners and Management experts working round the clock for solving the day to day business problems. We have a robust team of technologist from top technical institutes that help us in building unique solutions along with management experts from top business schools helping us implement the same.

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Revolutionalizing the transport industry.

Our Trucking Portal helps connect India’s Best Truckers with Load Providers i.e., Either MSMEs or Manufactures or the Load aggregator or shippers.







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